Internal Cam Design
Quick Release





         QR - 72: Carbon Fibre Lever


         QR - 77: Aluminium Lever



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The goal of quick release skewers has always been “ To quickly install/remove wheels without tools”, the mechanism of a QR is simple but rather complicated in its physics. The internal cam utilizes the off-centre circular shape to simulate Lever Principle effect to create efficient lateral clamping for precise wheel positioning. In other words, the QR positioning accuracy becomes an essential factor on the longevity of the wheels as well as the safety of a long epic ride.

Xero design philosophy not only focus on simplicity, but the details within. By paying attention to details, we implemented polyester rubber on the lever for increase comfort as well as aesthetic appearance purpose.

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  • Internal Cam Quick Release x2

  • End Caps x2


Is there a proper way of installing the upgraded version of the quick release?


Any tool required ?