• What is
    Perfect Your Ride?

    Our sole mission is to cultivate the riders’ riding experience, from performance competition to life style riding . In our very own definition, the perfect riding experience is not only depended on the highest quality, but rather selecting the most suitable set of wheels for each riding discipline. We build each wheel with passion, innovation, and clean design, combine with Wheel System Structure, which will deeply change your perspective in cycling.

  • How do
    we Perfect Your Ride?

    We introduced the concept of Xero Wheel System in 2003, which consists three crucial elements of principle: user-friendly, hardware, and software, built into every wheel we make. We start with bike-specific wheel design structure with high versatility and compatibility to make it more user-friendly; The hubs, spokes, rims, and quick releases represent hardware, customized and taylor-made based on different disciplines; whereas advanced machining techniques, R&D design, and quality control represent software, dramatically enhance the characteristics of the combined components, which in turn optimizes the riding feedback to the riders.

  • Why do
    we Perfect Your Ride?

    Based on the observation for the past decade, we noticed that many riders do not comprehend the importance of selecting bike-specific wheel sets. The riding experience should never be about spending the most money, but rather enjoying the benefit from the most suitable products. We focus on developing series of top quality wheels to provide vast collections to cover all riding disciplines rather than categorizing them in classes. Furthermore, we are prepared to provide a range of services to properly assist our riders with maintenance and upgrade. We thrive to get more riders to experience Xero wheel system to truly appreciate riding in its ultimate form, and to learn the importance of the right wheels.

  • Simplicity Refined

    Simplicity is a refined sophistication. We are committed to create the balance between functionality and simplicity because we believe that both can co-exist. We notice that every components of the wheels makes the difference in the smallest details, and by paying attention to those details, our wheels are known for precision, durability, and longevity.  On top of that, with clean and simple aesthetic design, the riders can truly appreciate a ride of sophistication.

  • Quality

    Quality is not a trait, but rather an attitude and a lifestyle, and we believe that the best quality comes from paying attention to every detail during each process. We thoughtfully set up quality checkpoints for every step of the way, from the manipulation of raw materials to finished products, enabling us to create uncompromising quality.

  • Continuity

    The riding experience is not only dependent on getting the high quality products, it is the quality of the service that comes with them. With Great products, it should come with an impeccable service to ensure customer satisfactions. The wheels will require a fine-tuning after long usage, and with proprietary tools and accessories, the rider will be able to perform simple adjustments wherever and whenever possible. 


Inspired by Apple‘s Mac computer design philosophy, the perfect harmony between hardware and software, we believed that Wheel System is the new standard to a comprehensive riding experience. Although each wheel component has unique characteristics, the mission of optimally combining them together became the core fundamental in Xero Wheels.


  • Quicker Engagement

    Increased number of teeth minimizes gaps between each tooth, results in quicker engagement angle of 9.2 degrees.

  • Widest Support Load

    Optimized hub geometry provides exceptional lateral stiffness. The bearing placement maximize the widest gap between two bearing in the cassette to distribute the power load from joint.

  • Individual Spring Load

    The implmentation of individual spring to each paw rectify the technical drawback of un-timely response of traditional snap spring. Each spring has equal pressure to the paws to provide proper gear-in when engaged.

  • Hand Built Prestige

  • Welded Aluminium

  • Spoke Locking System

  • Composite Materials

  • Multi-Axis Machining

  • Internal Cam QR positioning

  • 2 Sealed Bearing

  • 4 Sealed Bearing

  • 5mm/15mm Side Convertible

  • 135mm/142mm Convertible

  • Shimano 10/11s Compatible

  • SRAM XD 10/11s Compatible

  • XERO Tubeless Ready

  • Concentricity

  • XERO18307 bearings